Are we truly Awake?

Dream within a Dream

“The world around us is nothing but a Projection of our Perception created inside the dark corners of our Brains!”

This makes me question our existence. If our perception is altered, our brains can be tricked into interpreting a different world.  Last night, I woke up from a bad dream frightened and shivering. It took me one whole minute to realize it wasn’t real.

This had me thinking. When I was dreaming falling off the cliff, my brain didn’t have the distinction between what was real and dream. I felt weightlessness and fear as I would have felt when I was awake. I could feel the earth underneath my fingertips slipping away as I let go into a freefall. I could feel the wind on my face. I could hear my heart throb. Was it all real? Yes, at that instant it was.

Was the cliff really there? Was the fear real? Did I have any physical contact with the cliff edge? Was the wind really blowing on my face?

If the answer is No. Then why did I feel it as it was real?

If the perception of touch, sound, smell, height and fear in my dream was created without physical evidence. Then could it be that our whole world as we know is just the perception of our senses without physical evidence? Are we all living a cumulative dream projected by a supernatural power that we don’t understand?   

Virtual Reality in coming years can very well re create customised worlds within which we can breath, feel, smell and hear without physical evidence. In a way we are trying to understand what this unknown factor is capable. Humans being the superspecies on this planet and being the only species capable to communicate and record what we learn, could eventually discover what this supernatural power is and what our purpose here is.

Throughout the course of human history, every religion or scripture has described a Soul within ourselves that is independent off our so known physical body. Today science is on the course of discovering the equation to this unknown factor. Perhaps the end of human history as we know it will come by the scientific discovery of this unknown factor we now call the Soul.

Perhaps as humans on this planet our purpose is to discover this unknown factor and eventually understand the Supernatural power that controls our existence in this dream. And liberate ourselves from the shackles of this Virtual world to another world where we set course for another human history!

Or perhaps I may be wrong and only Time will tell!

Time – without which no other dimensions could exist! 

3 thoughts on “Are we truly Awake?

  1. You have great content . It’s so true , I don’t think we will ever be able to discover all the grey areas , we think humans are highly evolved but even bacteria has mechanisms we don’t have . It’s very beautifully written read it twice and I will read it again . It shows how inquisitive you are . Glad I found your blog .

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