Investigative Journalism – The last line of defense

“Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.” _ Aristotle, 350 BC

Grotesque misuse of Power is the greatest challenge we face in today’s ever more complex world. 
Firstly I would like to take a moment to applaud the efforts of Washington Post and New York Times in their ongoing independent investigation into uncovering the dirty politics behind the most powerful Government in the world. (Current context of Trump administration)

In a world where Money and Power can influence any Democratic system to malfunction, media has become the Antidote.

Last few weeks have shown the world how Autocratic even the most Democratic systems can become​ when given in hands of unworthy leaders. 

We live in an unprecedented time of ‘crooks’ armed with the most advanced technologies that where developed for truly innocent causes. Technology in the wrong hands are worse than a Nuclear arsenal.

Democratic system that was designed for the people and by the people now malfunctioning and in hands of powerful Autocratic people, our hope lay in the hands of the ‘Last line of Defense – Investigative Journalism.’ 

Past few weeks have been a testimony that at the brim of Democratic crisis and loosing sight of hope the only silver lining is some good old Journalism.

At the helm of this war we hail all those good Journalists putting their lives at risk to bring out the truth! 

Justice will be served and Democracy will be restored.

One thought on “Investigative Journalism – The last line of defense

  1. I absolutely agree! Support for unbiased journalism is crucial (they need to survive too). There is the danger that an authoritarian is pulling the plug, turning off the gas though. Thx for sharing!

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