My take: Donald J Trump won’t be impeached.

United States right now is highly polarized in political views and strongly growing to an extend where almost half the people in the country would feel betrayed if Trump is impeached.

It’s true that, the stories coming out of the White House last few weeks have weakened the enthusiasm of few Trump supporters. But nothing the media says can ever make them turn around completely. 

Like Ian Bremmer rightly says, the current controversy is comparable to the Iran-Contra rather than Watergate.

If ever Trump is impeached (which is highly unlikely) the voters who elected him will feel deeply betrayed. They will treat it unfair and feel their candidate was not given a chance to prove himself.

The media relentlessly picking out the most minute details, quite often even over a tweet is only seen as an unfair treatment of their elected candidate. And that accounts for almost 40% of the country. 

It would be really bad for the country’s stability if such a huge percentage of supporters are left dis hartened. 

The clever thing for Democrats to do would be harness the lost support and work towards a better election in 2020. 

Meanwhile, media can do their faithful job in bringing out the truth and perhaps tone down on the criticism by being more deplomatic. Let the Trump administration do the damage to themselves.

2 thoughts on “My take: Donald J Trump won’t be impeached.

    1. Good observations. I think some major news outlets are excessively imbalanced regarding Trump. Go back to reporting by NY Times since election, roughly 1 in 10 stories are supportive. Then read its coverage of Obama in his last year. Pres Obama got 1 of 10 negative stories. So, one Pres gets 90% pos, the other 90% neg! This difference is why people have dropped out of main stream news coverage.
      This bias feels very condescending to those who live outside the NYC/DC/BOS/LA/SF bubble. It is approachibg or reaching libel in its irresponsibility. Thx!

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