Beginning of Time – a series of Paradoxes

“Time, the fourth dimension of Space-time Continuum, is the single determining factor for the existence of our Universe. It all began with Time.” 

I tend to think, the most powerful force of nature, ‘Time’ could be the only fitting description capable of defining the Creator or the force behind Creation. 

Could Time be the Supernatural power that most of us call God?

Without the Time factor none of the three dimensions of life can exist or be defined. 

Paradox 1

We are totally unaware of the fact that Time influences our thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Paradox 2

Individual perseption of Time is associated with numerous outcomes or benefits. But holistically the cost is same.

Paradox 3

Even though the individual attitudes towards Time is through personal experiences, the collective attitude influences the world destiny.

(Reference: The Time Paradox)

The essence of our actions are influenced by the limited nature of Time that we perceive individually. But understanding that Time is limitless can essentially mean our individual actions have outcomes that affect the Universe as a whole. This is called the butterfly effect.

Death is only an end of our actions. But the outcomes of our actions prevail in the fabric of Time causing larger effect. – The Paradox!

9 thoughts on “Beginning of Time – a series of Paradoxes

  1. That was deep , we always consider time to be constant , but who knows . Time definitely changes speed sometimes , it’s just a concept something theoretical . The title is so mind boggling “beginning of time” . That post is a good food for thought . Thumbs up !

  2. Nature never hurries, and yet everything is accomplished. 🙂 Love these thoughts. Thanks for putting them out here to be read! I am new to the wordpress community, trying to network and my searches led me here! Nothing by chance I say. Lovely day to you. ❤

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