Modern day Cassandras – a quick look at few ‘Unheeded prophets’ of our time!

Cassandraa is the beautiful daughter of King Priam, cursed by Apollo, because he couldn’t handle rejection. Cassandra could forever carry the gift of prophecy, but no one would ever believe her divinatory words. (She eventually went mad under the burden of her curse)

She predicted the fall of Troy by means of the damned wooden horse. But she was an ‘Unheeded prophetess of doom’.

Let’s take a look into few modern day disastrous events and their Cassandras.

What if I told that, the rise of ISIS in Syria, the hurricane Katrina and the Fukushima reactor disaster were all predicted and preventable events? Yes, they were! 

Cassandra 1: Robert Stephen Ford – Rise of ISIS

He is a retired US diplomat and the Ambassador to Syria in 2011 until he resigned in 2014. 

Ford is an expert on Middle East politics and is often referred as “one of the best Arabists in the state department”. He can communicate in Arabic fluently with most local dialects.

He had explicitly warned the Obama administration of the presence of ‘vacuum’ in the Syrian uprising against Basshar Al Assad. He went to the extent of predicting that this vacuum could give way to creation of a new Terrorist group unlike any before and could eventually take huge portions of Syria and also spread to Shi’itee strongholds of Iraq. He urged the administration to immediately train and arm the less lethal uprising against Basshar Al Assad before it’s too late to control. 

But the Obama administration chose to take no action until it was too late to take control. By the time the administration realized the warnings, ISIS was way too powerful.

Cassandra 2 : Dr. Ivor Van Heerden – Hurricane Katrina

“By midnight on Monday the White House knew. Monday night I was at the state Emergency Operations Center and nobody was aware that the Leeves had breached. Nobody.”

He warned the administration again and again that a Category 4 or 5 hurricane can potentially breach the Leeves dam way before the Katrina hit New Orleans.

But he was ignored for political reasons and thousands lost their lives due to negligence.

Dr. Van Heerden, the man who was right was fired for warning the administration for not taking precaution. 

Cassandra 3 : Dale Bridenbaugh – Fukushima Reactors

Dale Bridenbaugh helped asses the reactors back in 1975 and his findings portrayed an extreme lack of confidence in the safety of the Reactors. 

He predicted the danger more than 30 years prior to the Tsunami event. The location of Reactors was vulnerable to tsunami and the Mark 1 didn’t have the capability to contain the pressure of meltdown. This was a known fact since 1975!

The failings of the Reactors were so profound that three GE engineers who helped design the Mark 1 had resigned from the company.

But this was ignored and catastrophic damage that could have been avoided occurred.

(Reference sources: Warnings)

Cassandra’s predictions are ignored because it has never happened before. It’s called ‘the first occurrence syndrome’.

Hope we learn from the past and listen to these experts when they say “These are my findings. Here is my data. I would like my predictions to be wrong. Prove me wrong. Tell me my data is wrong”. 

But no one proves their findings wrong yet ignored. The ‘Unheeded prophets’ of our time!

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