Shooting down one star at a time! Bullet by bullet..

Dream of a day, when children can go to school with no fear at heart ..of confronting bullets from a inhumane machine, created for nothing but terror.

Call them lone wolf, terrorist, mentally ill or depressed you may anything that glorify the beholder of a soul sucking machine intentionally.

None will justify this horrendous act of evil and the NRA who reaps money by sucking the soul out of our beloved stars.

They say psychopaths can use anything to create terror. Guns are just victims. But why…why knowingly equip a murderer with the most horrific weapon of all and amplify the horrible outcome.

NRA ..stop shooting down our dreams. Stop arming our crazy ones, rather lobby to get them help.

NRA arm psychopaths and murderers. ISIS ..arms psychopaths and religious lunatics or murderers. Both takes innocent souls away.. it’s hard to draw distinction.

Terror is terror .. regardless of the one who creates it.

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