Shooting down one star at a time! Bullet by bullet..

Dream of a day, when children can go to school with no fear at heart ..of confronting bullets from a inhumane machine, created for nothing but terror. Call them lone wolf, terrorist, mentally ill or depressed you may anything that glorify the beholder of a soul sucking machine intentionally. None will justify this horrendous […]

Tea time! 

What’s your favorite drink for Tea time? Here are few of mine, frozen in time! 1. Authentic Indian Chai (Tea with double milk) 2. Spicy Tea with Bun 3. Tea with fresh Green Tea Leaves 4. Turkish Coffee 5. Wild Arabia with Honey 6. Classic Karak Chai  7. Twinnings Green Tea with Lemon & Fresh […]

Beginning of Time – a series of Paradoxes

“Time, the fourth dimension of Space-time Continuum, is the single determining factor for the existence of our Universe. It all began with Time.”  I tend to think, the most powerful force of nature, ‘Time’ could be the only fitting description capable of defining the Creator or the force behind Creation.  Could Time be the Supernatural […]

My take: Donald J Trump won’t be impeached.

United States right now is highly polarized in political views and strongly growing to an extend where almost half the people in the country would feel betrayed if Trump is impeached. It’s true that, the stories coming out of the White House last few weeks have weakened the enthusiasm of few Trump supporters. But nothing […]

Are we truly Awake?

“The world around us is nothing but a Projection of our Perception created inside the dark corners of our Brains!” This makes me question our existence. If our perception is altered, our brains can be tricked into interpreting a different world.  Last night, I woke up from a bad dream frightened and shivering. It took […]